Chicken may not be the default pizza topping, but our Buffalo Chicken pizza gives pepperoni and ham a run for their money. This pie has the perfect balance of salty, sour and spicy to take your pizza night to a new level.

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Product Overview

Our Buffalo Chicken is a neighbourhood staple. The pie has a base of our special ranch sauce topped with spicy chicken that tickles your taste buds. If you’re feeling adventurous today and would like to go beyond your usual combinations, this pie won’t disappoint. Each bite promises a delectable experience and a subtle kick that will leave you hankering for more.

The Buffalo Chicken is a wonderful medley of ranch sauce, spicy chicken, mushrooms, red onions, roasted red peppers and a cheddar/mozzarella cheese blend. Pick from our long list of toppings, like premium bacon and artichoke hearts, to further elevate your pie. You may also opt for a regular or gluten-friendly crust.
Helpful Information
Albion Pizzeria is committed to bringing new and inventive pizza combinations to Maple Ridge households. The Buffalo Chicken is one of our favourites to make as this pie is packed with goodness that can make mealtimes and occasions extra special. The next time you order, let us know if you have specific requests so we can customise your pizza how you want it.
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